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    The Dirt Magazine

    close up of dirt
    Spring 2020 Cover


    • Rebuilt? or Reborn
    • Lead the Charge
    • Maximize Resources, Minimize Challenges

    A technician works on a 724K wheel loader

    Rebuilt? or Reborn

    Two large contractors better manage costs by getting a second life out of their machines.

    Utility wheel loader hauls a load of material

    Lead the Charge

    Our 444L, 644L, 644L Hybrid, and 724L Loaders can help you stay in front of your competition.

    Nick Parr stands in front of a 772GP Motor Grader

    Maximize Resources, Minimize Challenges

    Personalized service by John Deere dealers has been a welcome benefit to a pair of county highway departments in the Hoosier State.